Research about Narrowcasting

The use of information displays at public places has  exploded within the last three years.  Stores, malls, banks, town offices, train stations are rarely seen without a form of Narrowcasting nowadays. This means there must be evidence Narrowcasting is deemed useful. Let’s take a look at a few research conclusions.

OTX consumer research
In 2007, OTX research conducted a thorough Narrowcasting research. Their research states that about 62% of the questioned persons has seen Narrowcasting screens in the past 12 months. 63% of those people say it caught their attention. 87% of the people who saw an advertisement message on a Narrowcasting medium responded with action. This makes it a larger attention drawer than billboards (58%) and newspapers (37%)and internet advertisements (47%).

Conclusion: Narrowcasting is an unmissable advertising media tool for marketeers.

Source: OTX Digital Signage 2007