What is Narrowcasting?

Narrowcasting can be described as the digital delivery of information to a select audience. The most mainstream form of Narrowcasting is using LCD, TFT and LED displays to deliver commercial and/or informational messages.

Narrowcasting has gained a dominant position as relatively new advertising medium. The extra value lies in the fact that it can display as much content as needed, including non-commercial content. This makes it an extremely attractive medium to visitors: the blind-spot that visitors might have for normal advertisement mediums is effectively circumvented because both commercial and informational content is mixed together.

Any kind of information can be served. Popular Narrowcasting information genres include:

  • Local weather
  • World News
  • Local news
  • Gossip news
  • Public transportation information
  • ‘Did you know’ facts
  • Missing people information
  • Company specific information
  • Hotel information

It is also possible for visitors to interact with certain Narrowcasting installations. The content of the screen could be manipulated by motion sensors, joysticks, keypads, NFC readers and SMS messages.
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